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Why do you need Metatags for the Search Engines ? Don't make the meta tags web site promotion mistake of submitting a plain old "brochure" to search engines, they will ignore it! This is the best and simple meta tag gererator for blogger to get your website promotion noticed, using metatags free below.

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Meta Tags (aka metatags, and meta-tags) are lines of Code that go invisibly into your HTML Code for web site promotion (don't worry about this 'meta tags' stuff, yet).

HTML and metatags code is "behind" your website, where you cannot see it, and actually creates the web site.

Metatags , in website promotion, are used by most search engines to List and Rank your web site. Search engines also use other website promotion elements, in addition to meta tags, which we will cover below.

For website promotion, good metatags, and titles, and well constructed pages with good Content can help make your website "findable" on the Internet, by people searching for your product or services.

Bad meta tags, or no meta tags, titles, etc., can have the opposite effect, and no one can find you...

For website promotion, we need to craft invisible meta tags and titles which go into your code. Metatags in No way touch or affect the "look" of your visible webpage.

By way of clarification, for metatags website promotion, it is not always absolutely necessary to change your visible webpages, or "work on them" in any way, when optimizing your site and metatags for the engines. However, in website promotion, it can be very helpful.

For website promotions, when your metatags are done, it is then necessary to submit your pages (URLs), containing your metatags and titles, to the engines.

The engines will then send out "spiders" or "robots" (algorithms) to "crawl" your web site promotion pages, read your meta tags, and Index, or List them, and assign rankings to them, in the engines' databases.

The First Metatags Secret

Search Engines - Metatags
Web Site Design PROMOTION

Let me begin immediately.

Meta tags? For website promotion, top registration and placement with the search engines you must create your pages with meta tags, page text and content, and other TextNology(R), in order to give the search engines what they are actually programmed to seek out, index, and list.

Top promotions, registration and placement is Not about just doing what you Like in the way of website Design. The promotion absolutely Must include consideration of the search engines and meta tags.

You need to know this because the engines may find your website and meta tags anyway, eventually, whether you have performed search engines registration submissions and meta tags creation, or not, and they might give you bad ratings, or placement.

These will be poor listings that you may not be able to improve upon, because of bad metatags and-or website page structure.

So, you need to read through the below free tips about meta tags promotion for your website, get help, and assistance, for your search engine registration and placement efforts, as well as what's up with meta tags.

If you don't follow these website rules for meta tags, promotion, and search engines, you can never become prominent on the internet.

Yo, I don't make these website rules about search engines, meta tags, placement, and registration, I am only telling you about them.

Website Optimization, Beyond Metatags


In addition to website meta tags, the success of your website's promotion to the search engines can depend upon the first 300 words, or so, which must be at or very near the top of your pages for good web promotion and metatags optimization.

Some search engines, like Northern Light, Fast, Lycos, and others, may or may not use this optimization information and meta tags for their "reading" of your website, and it may be all they list about it, and you.

In website promotion you must have words, words, words on your site, as well as meta tags, for the search engines, in as much abundance as you can manage, and relevant. A search engine need words, as well as meta tags, and cannot read or index website graphics.

Website Textual Content Is King.
Website Metatags Are Queen.

In meta tags website promotion, Java, flash, javascripts, similar bells and whistles should be low down in your html.

Putting these high up can cause major meta-tags problems and difficulties for an engine as they attempt to spider your pages, meta tags, and website.

Provide plain HTML text links for an engine to spider, or they may not be able to index your meta-tags or entire website as a whole. Preferably, do this at the bottom of the page, if possible.

In promotion, and meta tags, Never confuse "art" with pre-tuning a website metatags for theengines, and don't confuse "marketing" with engine metatags science, like that explained herein.

You have been warned!


Help, Website Search Engine Promotion: Meta Tag Generator

1. Each promotion webpage and its metatags should concentrate on a theme or themes.

2. There should be lots of words on the webpages about the theme(s), i.e., "Metatags can be used for. . . etc., etc," 500 to 600 words per page.

3. A "Key word" is something people will actually think of and type into an engine, i.e., "meta tags."

4. Certain Key words will reflect upon your themes, and should be mentioned on each web page, about 2.5% of your words. It should be mentioned in the body text. It is best if these words appear toward the top of the text.

a.) If you have prepared a keyword list in your website's meta tags, and they do not already appear upon the specific pages, try to work them into the text, in good sentence structure, etc., as part of the page, so that the search engines can read and index them, as well as the metatags list.

5. Each webpage needs a Headline:

<H1 Meta Tags. </H1

Headlines can be made any size, but MUST be at least 9 pts high, and use keywords, from the metatags.

a. This Is one of the most important things you need to have for the search engines to bloody well read and index!

It cannot be an image, like a .GIF OR .JPG, because these are invisible to the engines spiders and robots who will index your website pages, and they cannot "read" images.

b. The headline MUST reflect what is in the text for the web page, and in the meta tags. Use Meta Tag Generator

c. The search engine headline MUST contain the meta tags Key Words you have targeted for that web page.

d. The main Key Word(s) MUST be the first word(s) in the headline.

6. The headline MUST be followed by a line(s) of text.

a. The line of text should echo the headline, be similar, and have the same Key word first, same string of targeted metatags keywords.

7. There must be additional lines of text, similar to the first line of text, same Key words first, etc., using the metatags list keywords, and other.

a.) On "short" website pages, don't repeat the keywords a lot.

b.) On long website pages repeat the words more often, so there is a larger proportion of them, which the search engines will attach more "weight" to.

c. Keep a Theme running throughout the web pages, and sum it up at the very bottom, using the main keywords you have been stressing, and in good sentence structure and Content .

8. ALL of the above MUST draw from the metatags Key word list prepared for the specific page. Use Meta Tag Generator

9.) *** NEVER make the website text or headlines the same color as it's "true background color," it will be rejected as spamming.

10.) *** do NOT Ever place long lists of words on the website, with no sentence structure, with repetitions, etc., it will be rejected by the search engines as spamming. Use lots of paragraphs and structure.

a. Do not repeat your metatags keywords more than 3-5 times each, in the metatags keywords list section of your HTML.

11.) ELIMINATE any mention of the words "Welcome" and "Come To" from ALL of your website pages, forever. Nobody cares. THIS WILL FORCE YOU to write a Meaningful headline, and text, using keywords from your meta tags! You don't want the search engines indexing unimportant stuff First!

12.) Include your address and e-mail at the bottom of each page on the website, Yahoo especially looks for it. So use Meta Tag Generator

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